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    Waterproof Tags

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    Waterproof Tags

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    Waterproof Tags is a specialty line of unique products for a variety of tagging and outdoor identification systems.

    To view our list of products, click the products tab above and choose from the list that appears to the left.

    Waterproof tags for floating lobster crates and grading tags for Christmas tree exporters both required tags that would withstand underwater and outdoor conditions. They also needed the ability to quickly identify products in poorly lit areas. This led to the development of waterproof tags for these and many other industries.

    The website is arranged by products and by industries, with sections for customizing tags, plus technical information on materials and accessories.

    Most of the products are custom printed, and we are continuing to develop some off-the-shelf tags for special applications. Many of our products are unique, and we invite inquiries for yet-to-be-created tagging solutions.

    Our custom printed products are set up to your specific requirements and proofed before printing. Production is scheduled for a Tuesday to Tuesday cycle repeating every 3 weeks. Emergency Tuesday to Tuesday production is sometimes available with special arrangements at additional cost.

    Our material is a recyclable white polypropylene plastic available in 3 thicknesses. Brightly colored inks are available for color-coding and a number of options such as numbering, barcodes, perforated stubs and holes for tying are available.


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