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    Waterproof Tags

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    Equipment Testing Certification Tags

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    EqCert-Front-1 EqCert-Front-2

    Equipment Testing and Inspection Certification Tags are?waterproof weatherproof all-weather tags. Waterprooftags.com offer several designs to identify equipment and certify appropriate testing. Custom inspection tags offer clear information for safety checks.

    On the?front we pre-print your business name, address, telephone, and license number, and you fill in the Manufacturer, model and serial # of the tested equipment. EqCert-Front-1 is designed ?for punching dates.

    Personalize with your business name, address, telephone and License # to be preprinted on one side. Manufacturer, Model and Serial # are recorded here with a?permanent marker or a China Marker. Your?company graphic can be added for an additional one-time set-up charge.

    Back Designs
    We offer a choice of different backs for recording testing information. EqCert-Back-1 is the most widely used, but the additional choices allow for variations for your local authority or city or state or provincial regulator.
    Please pick a format that will work for you. We can do additional changes and designs as required.

    Three Thicknesses
    In addition to Regular, we offer two thicker materials where tearing may be an issue, or a thicker tag is wanted to give a better feel than the flexible regular weight.

    Color Background
    For black ink on a colored background we offer a choice of Yellow, Orange, Green or Red on the medium (12 mil) thickness.



    EqCert-Back-1 EqCert-Back-2

    Custom Designed Tags

    Waterprooftags.com can modify any of these designs to suit your particular needs. We have set up tags for many special tagging needs, and can work from samples of existing tags or from your sketches or artwork. There is no charge for minor changes to existing designs, and we can price a one-time setup charge for you on request.

    EquipmentTesting CertificationTag
    equipmentTesting CertificationTag

    EqCert-Back-3 EqCert-Back-4 Backflow-Back-5 Backflow-Back-6