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    Waterproof Tags

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    Repair Tag with Claim Check

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    Finally....A Waterproof Repair Tag: Put an end to ruined and soggy paper tags with waterproof repair tags.

    Made in the popular 6K size (5 1/4” x 2 5/8”) with a 1/4” drilled hole, these 7.5 mil plastic tags are truly waterproof, weatherproof, all weather.

    Write on them with a China Marker (even when wet) or a permanent felt marker (test yours first).

    Perforated detachable stub with consecutive number with your company name, address and telephone work as both a Receipt and Identify your business.

    Available in Regular, Medium and Heavy thicknesses.

    Many Ways to Attach: Attach tags with tag wires, rubber bands, or plastic lock ties to patio furniture, goods for repair, plastic tote boxes or staple to wooden crates and pallets


    Custom Designs Available: This tag design is included in the above pricing. We can custom design similar tags to your unique needs – in most cases for an additional one time set-up charge. Send us a sample of your current tag or proposed design along with any additional requirements, and we will make a custom quote for you.

    Large Repair Tag
    : Industrial locations such as coalmines and oil refineries require larger tags that are clearly visible in outdoor or underground surroundings and are both weatherproof and waterproof .

    Available in regular (.00 75″), medium (.012″) and heavy (.020″) thicknesses, these tags will stand up to rougher handling as the thicknesses increase.

    Prices on Request