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    Waterproof Tags

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    ReTorque Tags

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    ReTorque-Front-1 ReTorque-Back-1

    Track the ReTorquing of wheels with these two-part Re-Torquing Tags. ?These tags are?Weatherproof, Waterproof and All-weather.

    Tag front identifies vehicle information and back contains driver information. Numbers match removable stub to track completion.

    Tag material is sturdy 12 mil plastic. Tags have?1/4" holes for attaching with cable-ties.

    Alternate designs?and Custom Designs from your sketches or samples ?are available for a one-time additional charge.

    Boxed areas are filled in with?waterproof markers.

    2000 Tags - $684.00 (34 cents/tag)
    1000 Tags - $535.00 (53.5 cents/tag)
    500 ?Tags - $323.00 (64.6 cents/tag)
    250 ?Tags - $201.00 (80.4 cents/tag)

    Please specify the starting number required.



    ReTorque-Front-2 ReTorque-Front-3
    Prices Printed One Side Blsck Ink, Numbered, Holes