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    Waterproof Tags

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    Shipping Tags

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    Shipping Tags are required for identifying and tracking goods for your business/organization.

    Waterproof Shipping Tags are the solution to avoiding soggy card tags for goods traveling in outdoor conditions or being stored in damp conditions.?These?Weatherproof, Waterproof, All-Weather Tags can be marked with a variety of?Waterproof Markers.

    Options: Custom Design, Semi-Standard Layouts, Company Logos are available to create a tag special for your specific needs.

    Ink Colors: Waterproof inks are available in a variety of bright colors to show your company colors or to create a color coding system.

    The sample above is a shipping tag that can be customized with your business information.


    Size: 2-5/8"x5-1/4" is standard. Custom sized can be created for orders of 1000 tags and over.

    Material: .0075" White Polypropylene Plastic is standard. Medium Thickness (.012") and Heavy Thickness (.020") are available.

    The sample right is a blank shipping tag available from inventory in white and some colors.

    Follow the links to custom printed or to blank tags for prices and availability.