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    Waterproof Tags

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    Waterproof, Weatherproof, All-Weather Tags

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    Waterproof Tags are printed on polypropylene plastic. The material is waterproof - and can be immersed in water, or left in outdoor conditions subject to hot and cold weather conditions.

    Low Temperatures: In weather conditions below freezing, the tags will become brittle, and should be handled with care when frozen. Avoid hard and repetitive creasing especially when tags are frozen.

    High Temperatures: Material not suitable for conventional laser printers, photocopiers and fax machines due to danger of melting at high temperatures.

    Cracking & Tearing: Material will crack and tear with rough handling. Allow slack in loop when attaching with cable ties. Avoid sudden jerking at holes.

    Ink Fading Issues: All inks will fade over long periods of time. Black ink is most fade resistant. Red, yellow and orange are most likely to fade in direct sunlight.

    Ink Drying: Our specialized inks require contact with air to properly dry. Ink can smudge when rubbed before it is completely dry - so avoid rough handling and rubbing when new. Expose to air for a few days if necessary.

    Recyclable: Polypropylene tags are plastic recyclable code 5.